Summer Stop in Montréal

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As many of you know, I spent 4.5 days in Montréal over the August long weekend (civic holiday in most of Canada). I was there for a 3-day music festival called Osheaga. The festival took up most of our time, but we did get a chance to do a few fun things as well. Here are some photos!

Osheaga 2016 Music Festival:




Visiting the Atwater Market

mtl-atwater-market1Great selection of fresh produce


mtl-atwater-market2Beautiful garlic, my fave


mtl-atwater-market3It’s hard to see, but this part of the market features a large variety of food stalls cooking up everything from Paella to tacos to satays. It was a great place to grab lunch!


Coffee Break!

mtl-buck15-cold-brew-coffeeDelicious Cold Brew coffee from Buck15 – they brew and bottle it themselves!


Brunch at H4C Place St. Henri

h4c-brunch-pancakesPancakes with stewed strawberries and cream – so fluffy!


h4c-brunch-halibut-cakesHalibut cakes


h4c-brunch-eggs-duck-pancettaPoached eggs with hollendaise, duck pancetta and grilled zucchini


h4c-brunch-buttersA selection of jams and butters – including a orange marmalade made from pulverized whole oranges – takes 7 days to make!


h4c-brunch-breadsGrilled bread, brioche buns, donuts, ahhh….




La Banquise – for classic poutine

la-banquise-poutine-classicOpen 24-hrs, La Banquise is the go-to for classic poutine in Montreal. But dare I say it – Toronto poutine is just as good / arguably better? :O


St. Viateur for bagels

mtl-st-viaturSt. Viateur has the best Montreal-style bagels. But I’d skip the sandwich and just get the bagels to go.

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