Fresh Tomato Pasta

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Tonight was one of those nights when I just wanted to whip up something quick and easy for dinner. So I pulled out one of my classic, go-to pasta dishes. This dish is extremely simple, it’s all about good fresh ingredients. As is the Italian way!

Fresh Tomato Pasta Recipe

Light and Fresh Summer Pasta Recipe

  • 2 ripe tomatoes
  • Bunch of fresh basil
  • 1/2 clove of garlic (you can use more but you’ll be tasting it for 2 days)
  • Several glugs of good quality olive oil
  • Good pinch of sea salt
  • Pasta (I used Barilla brand Orecchiette (little ears!) here)
  • Toasted pine nuts
  • Parmesan


Fill a medium-sized pot with water and heat on the stove. Throw in tons of sea salt. (Don’t you love how precise I am with my measurements?)

While the water is heating up, dice the tomatoes and throw em in a bowl. Add the basil, cut into small pieces (I like to tear into pieces with my fingers). The amount of basil is up to you – if you want it to be more like a roughly-chopped pesto, add extra! Mince/grate/crush about half a clove of garlic and add it to the bowl. I loooove using my rasp to make garlic teeny-tiny in a jiffy. It’s changed my life (#dramaqueen)!

Glug some good quality olive oil into the bowl and mix everything together. I find this is the time you want to use the nicer olive oil, because this is a fresh, uncooked sauce and you’ll taste the difference here. Add some sea salt and then let the flavours impregnate! That is my favourite cooking saying – I read it in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and have used it ever since. The flavours will come to life after about 5-10 minutes (if they don’t – add a bit more salt!). This is basically a bruschetta recipe; you can serve them on top of toasted bread for an equally satisfying snack.

Cook your pasta until it’s al-dente, then drain. Mix with your “bruschetta” and if you’re feeling it, add some pine nuts up in thurr for a bit of texture. I also grated some parmesan (with my rasp!) atop the pile of little ears and it was dandy.
Fresh Pasta Recipe
To me, this is the perfect light pasta dish that I could basically eat every day if I had to. Nothing beats the holy trinity of tomato, basil, garlic.

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June 10, 2016
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