Bonjour and welcome to my blog! My idea with this blog is just to have fun and share some of the fun things I’m doing and thinking, stream-of-consciousness style. I’m not a writer and I don’t really have a plan – so let’s see what comes out of it, shall we?

About me:

Art director at a creative agency in Toronto. Living in downtown Toronto with the love of my life Ray. Interested in home decor, fashion, food (eating out and cooking), cycling, traveling!!!, relaxing on my balcony patio, cuteness.

I also am a big fan of lists. What could be better for my inaugural blog post?

Things to do this summer (in no particular order)

  • Wear my summer dresses. I have so many that I love but can’t manage to wear even once per season. So this year, I’ll throw caution to the wind and dare to dress up! Grabbing groceries on a Sunday? I think my neon pink lace midi dress will do. Need a propane tank refill for the BBQ? I’ll throw on my Marilyn Monroe-esque silk dress with the horsie pattern. #YOLO
  • Cycle to work for “exercise”. Woot! One of the reasons why I love summer is for the cycling. Since I live downtown but work uptown, the commute is pretty long and super blah during most of the year. But in the warm months I can take the lovely Don Valley Trail #45 basically the whole way from my condo to work. It takes an hour each way but it’s so relaxing and rewarding! But sometimes it’s hard in the mornings to get the motivation to hop on a bike. I resolve to commute on my bike more than ever this summer!
  • Have lots of BBQs. This is pretty self-explanatory. The more BBQs the better!
  • Cook something delicious and new using my plants. Ray and I are growing a bunch of balcony plants – Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes and Jalapenos. They are a labour of love for my boyfriend, and thank goodness because I suck at taking care of plants! But I love to reap the bounty. This year it would be great to actually use my harvests on a regular basis and try a few new recipes while I’m at it!
  • Change the lightbulb in my bathroom. Ok, this really should not be a goal for the summer but it is on my to-do list right now. For some reason it has been out for like 3 weeks now and I have still not replaced the bulb!

Well, even though that list is only 5 items long, that’s where I’ll end it for today. I will undoubtedly come up with even more awesome things to do this summer as soon as I hit “publish”, but that’s ok. It’s late and I have a show to watch!

Fleurs truly,

June 9, 2016
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